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Preventing Rabies Exposure from Wild Animals

Onondaga County Health Commissioner, Dr. Indu Gupta, reminds Onondaga County residents to take precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from rabies. Rabies is a deadly but preventable disease that is transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. Fortunately, human rabies is rare in the United States. Although there is no treatment… Read more >

Protect Yourself from Diseases Caused by Ticks and Mosquitoes

The Onondaga County Health Department is encouraging residents to protect themselves from mosquito and tick bites. Health Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta reminds residents that “Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, it is important to consistently use personal protection measures to reduce the risk of mosquito and tick bites that may transmit West Nile virus… Read more >

National Infant Immunization Week

Infants and children are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases.  Therefore, it is essential that children be protected by getting all of the recommended immunizations (shots) to protect against serious diseases.  National Infant Immunization Week is recognized during the week of April 21 – April 28, 2018. Immunizations protect the individual as well as families and… Read more >

FREE Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests Are Available

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. All men and women are at risk for colorectal cancer but it occurs most often in adults over the age of 50. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in men and women. The best prevention for colorectal cancer is to undergo colorectal cancer screening tests. Early… Read more >

Flu is Widespread in Onondaga County

The number of local flu cases has been rising significantly in the past several weeks. From October 2017 through the week ending January 7, 2018, 657 cases of flu have been reported to the Onondaga County Health Department (OCHD). Emergency rooms of local area hospitals are reporting more cases of flu or influenza like illnesses… Read more >

Community Urged to Take Precautions During Severe Cold

Due to the Wind Chill Warning issued for Onondaga County from 10:00 pm this evening to 7:00 am Sunday, Health Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta recommends that Onondaga County residents take precautions against the hazards of severe cold weather to prevent cold related injuries and carbon monoxide poisoning. Dr. Gupta stated, “With the extreme cold in… Read more >

Bat Positive for Rabies

Onondaga County Interim Commissioner of Health, Michelle Mignano, announced today that the New York State Health Department laboratory has reported that a bat found in the City of Syracuse has tested positive for rabies.  This is the first positive rabies findings of the season. Ms. Mignano stresses, “It is important to bat-proof your home now… Read more >