Celebrate Men’s Health Week With A Free Colorectal Cancer Screening!

Date of Release: June 8, 2012                           For Further Information Please Call:
                                                                                                Kathy Mogle
Celebrate Men’s Health Week With A Free Colorectal Cancer Screening!
The week of June 11th – 17th is National Men’s Health Week. National Men’s Health Week is a weeklong health observance ending with the Father’s Day holiday that is coordinated by Men’s Health Network, a national non-profit organization. This is a week for men to take charge of their health and make it a top priority in
their life.
The Onondaga County Cancer Services Program (CSP) Partnership is reminding uninsured men between the ages of 50 and 64 that a free at-home colorectal cancer screening kit is available to them by calling 435-3653. Routine screening is an important step in lowering a man’s risk of developing colorectal cancer in his lifetime and early detection has proven to save lives. The CSP supports men by helping them to take steps towards a healthier life.
Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death among men in the U.S. A man’s chances of developing colorectal cancer can be increased by factors such as age, a personal or family history of these cancers, and a lack of routine screening. The good news is that colorectal cancer can be prevented by screening, if polyps are found and removed before they develop into cancer.
Studies show that people who are uninsured are less likely to seek routine preventive medical care. During Men’s Health Week, the CSP encourages uninsured men of Onondaga County to take charge of their health and call 435-3653 to see if they qualify for a free colorectal cancer screening. Call today!
For more information on free cancer screenings find us on Facebook or visit our website at /health/cancerscreening.html.