Downtown Syracuse Goes Blue for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Date of Release: February 29, 2012                       For Further Information Please Call:
                                                                                                Jenny Dickinson, Coordinator
Downtown Syracuse Goes Blue for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Starting March 1, Downtown Syracuse landmarks will be lighting up blue as part of the Main Streets Go Blue campaign to recognize Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Main Streets Go Blue is a statewide campaign encouraging local landmarks and businesses to join together and show their support for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month by lighting up blue or displaying colorectal cancer awareness themed messages. In Syracuse, Crouse Hospital, National Grid, Key Bank, and the Crowne Plaza Hotel will be lighting up blue to raise awareness for colorectal cancer. The Onondaga County War Memorial marquee will also be displaying a colorectal cancer awareness themed message.
Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be. Colorectal cancer usually begins in the form of a polyp in the colon or rectum. A polyp is a non-cancerous tissue growth that can develop into cancer over time. Screening tests can help find polyps and colorectal cancer early, which greatly improves treatment outcomes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that when colorectal cancer is found early and treated, the 5-year relative survival rate is 90%. Colorectal cancer is more likely to occur as people age so all men and women 50 years and older should be screened for colorectal cancer. There are often no symptoms during the early stages of colorectal cancer, therefore routine colorectal screening is extremely important.
According to a recent federal study, less than 25% of adults 50 years and older who do not have health insurance are up-to-date with colorectal cancer screening as compared to 59% of adults who do have health insurance. The Onondaga County Cancer Services Program (CSP) Partnership offers free colorectal screening for men and women 50 years and older who do not have health insurance. Men and women are encouraged to call 435-3653 today to see if they qualify for a free colorectal cancer screening.
For more information on free cancer screenings and colorectal cancer, find us on Facebook or visit our website at /health/cancerscreening.html.