Partial Lift of Boil Water Order: Some Residents Served by the Town of DeWitt Water Department Remain Under Order

Based on acceptable sample results and the Town of DeWitt’s use of engineering controls to isolate areas within the Water District, the Boil Water Order (BWO) area is being revised to eliminate portions of the Town of DeWitt previously affected.

The properties in the revised BWO area are shown in this map. Please visit the Town of DeWitt website for a list of addresses that remain under the BWO.

The Town of DeWitt will continue to sample the water over the weekend and the public will be informed when the BWO is lifted for the remaining area. This service area is under the jurisdiction and authority of the Town of DeWitt, not the Onondaga County Water Authority.

For those residents for whom the order is lifted, although tap water is now safe to drink, residents are advised to take steps before drinking any water, including flushing their water by running all of their taps on full for at least five minutes, replacing water filters, and flushing appliances with direct water connections or water tanks (such as automatic ice makers) with enough water to completely replace all the water in the lines or tanks.

For more information visit or call the Onondaga County Health Department, Division of Environmental Health at 315.435.6600.